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Ready for industrial processing

Industrial companies can count on chicken products from2 Sisters Storteboom B.V. for further treatment and processing. Often these involve large volumes, delivered in bulk, fresh or frozen, or in IQF packaging. As an industrial partner, you can take advantage of our economies of scale and efficient production processes, which collectively ensure a highly competitive product range. Deliveries are fully geared up to existing production processes. Our products are cut to size in line with your specifications.

2 Sisters Storteboom B.V. is able to guarantee the quality and food safety levels of all its products. We possess all the internationally recognised certificates. On account of our organisation's flexibility, we are able to quickly and expertly satisfy all your requirements. Ingenuity and speed in product development, in liaison with your own specialists, enables us to rapidly meet the needs of changing markets. Likewise, for export outside Europe, we can also offer the necessary know-how and experience.

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