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Quick and prompt delivery guarantees that our products remain fresh, retain flavour and satisfy food safety requirements. Lead times, from the moment the order is placed to the point of delivery, are kept as short as possible. For all our products – fresh and frozen – we can guarantee delivery within 36 hours to all destinations in Europe. If required, frozen products can be kept in stock for delivery on call. You can be sure that our delivery procedure is fully geared up to your distribution and processing activities.

For daily deliveries, we make use of a specialised international forwarding and distribution network, with recourse to climate controlled warehousing. Our logistics centre is located in Nijkerk. Here, the various products from our sites are assembled every day, from where the order picking takes place. As a result of ever more stringent time stipulations for drivers, our logistics provider has additional distribution platforms in Germany (Magdeburg and Frankfurt). Product flows are regrouped at these centres and trailers attached for direct delivery. In this way, delays at these European distribution centres are a thing of the past. These types of logistics platforms are likewise under development in the UK and France.

Together we are able to ensure that your orders are delivered to the right place, at the right time and in the right quantities. This helps ensure that uninterrupted refrigeration is safeguarded.